The PLAN 8 Group has been active in the field of renewable energies for over 28 years. The focus is on the development of wind farms and photovoltaic plants in Germany and other countries. Since 3 years the group deals with another sustainable business area, the creation of plantations with Emperor-Trees / Paulownia-Trees . For more information about the Paulownia-Trees please follow the link: https://www.gruene-geldanlagecom/.

The company is located in Eckernförde and has a the present time 17 permanent employees as well as several freelancers of various disciplines, which are necessary for successful project development. To date, 168 wind turbines from various manufacturers have been installed in Germany between 250 kW and 3.4 MW and 19 solar projects between 30 kWp and 2.67 MWp. Further wind farms with approx. 400 MW in Germany and well over 500 MW in other countries (solar and wind) are in planning stage.

Internationally, the company operates in Panama, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Chile, Bulgaria, Greece, South Africa, Turkey and Iran.

PLAN 8 GmbH offers a complete service range from the first idea to the successful implementation of a wind farm project. Location planning, the complete technical planning and conceptualisation according to planning law are managed and coordinated within our company. For certain specialised services PLAN 8 GmbH has access to an extensive network of external service providers which are hired if required. These are for example landscape architects, specialists for network planning, wind experts, geologists, ornithologists, land surveying technicians, lawyers, etc. In addition, we are in contact with independent experts who will for example draw up reports regarding sonic emissions of wind power stations.

In addition to the above-mentioned technical and planning aspects of a wind farm installation, PLAN 8 GmbH also offers all the relevant business services. Beside the general conceptualisation and the legal contract details, also part of the project are especially the areas of financing and insurance. In addition to different possibilities of accessing outside capital from banks, PLAN 8 GmbH also has contacts to a few hundred private investors and organisations which facilitate capital for interesting projects.

Due to the company’s size and its clear structures, PLAN 8 GmbH is very flexible: also big projects can be completed in a short time span, as we have extensive external resources available at any time. Depending on what the cooperation partners prefer, they can choose to select just part of our services offered, or we will deliver a turn-key job and they can have a complete wind farm erected. PLAN 8 GmbH is prepared to look at other options than to exclusively work for a fee. In case of interesting projects, the Company offers to accept the project’s financial risk and provides the complete pre-financing, provided there is adequate financial investment available from the client’s side.


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