SOWITEC group is one of the leading wind power developers worldwide. Established in 1993, SOWITEC has realised over 100 wind turbines in 30 different wind farms across Germany. Since 2003, SOWITEC has also been active internationally and has set up subsidiaries in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Kenya and Russia.

With more than 200 employees worldwide, SOWITEC covers all areas of wind power development: Planning and design including wind measurements and calculations of energy yields and wind farm profitability, project construction management, sales and financing as well as technical and commercial management of operating wind farms. Additional business areas include the registration of CDM projects and the commercialisation of CO2-certificates and electricity yields.

SOWITEC’s success is based upon the combination of business experience, technical and commercial competence and a strong network of local capacities. These distinct features provide the foundation for previous projects and future ventures.


Löherstraße 24, Sonnenbühl, Germany

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