In collaboration with UNIDO, African Platform for Community Power and Rural Electrification, Chinese Wind Energy Association, International Renewable Energy Academy/York University, Danish Folkecenter

Sustainable solutions and energy challenges, whether at the global, regional or country level, will require an increased share of renewable energy in the global energy mix. And renewable energy basically substitutes fossil resources with human capacities and labour. This calls for effective international cooperation in related capacity building and sharing of best practices. It constitutes a foundation for a sustainable use and management of the various renewable energy technologies as well as their adaptation to local contexts and needs.

The webinar will present the current situation in an exemplary manner and discuss requirements and needs for the future expansion of the renewable energy sector. Experts from universities, international organisations, industry, training institutes, associations and beyond will talk about how to improve international coordination and how to create the international momentum for a stronger focus on training and education.

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