We take small wind turbines seriously
Once, small wind turbines were mostly for idealists and engineering hobbyists. An overlooked niche, which the big wind turbine producers were not interested in because the economics and scaling opportunities were, in their eyes, not attractive enough.

It just has to be done right

We decided to challenge that at Solid wind power. We chose to put all of our energies into developing modern, highly effective and rock solid turbines, which make it a good investment to buy your own wind turbine. It is not difficult to produce effective and long-life small wind turbines if you use the newest technologies and employ the right people.

Thoroughly tested technology that works

Today, Solid wind power can present a number of supreme and thoroughly tested wind turbines, which all work effectively and reliably.
We have installed more than 800 wind turbines and collected data from  more than 10,000,000 production hours, so we know what works.


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